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Program Options

Private Training: Ages 6 & up

Sunday – Thursday Skills Clinics | 1st – HS

Competitive & Developmental Leagues | K – 8th 

Spring Break Camps: Arcadia & Chandler | 1st – 8th Grade 

Summer Break Camps: Arcadia & Chandler | 1st – 8th Grade 

Club Program Tryouts:  Arcadia April 7th | 1st – HS 

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Calendar of events through March can be seen HERE

April – July Calendar HERE


Where you do practice and train?

Primarily Arcadia, South Scottsdale, Tempe, and South Chandler. Contact us and we can let you know a great spot based on your travel needs.

My child goes to a school in the Madison School District. How do we sign up for After School Programs?

Sign up using form above.

Do you offer private training as well?

Yes we have 5 certified training coaches currently. 

Is this good for beginners?

Yes. Beginners are welcome. We have a staff that is very patient and knowledge. We will get the beginners caught up and they will start having fun from day 1.

My child has played on several club team. How is this one different?

We know there are not a shortage of teams you can have your child play for. As a program we differentiate ourselves by having expert coaches who CARE for the children. The kids know we care about them so all criticism is received positively. The players then want to not only get better for themselves, but for their coaches, parents, and teammates. NO PARENT COACHES. 

How do I sign up?

Fill out form above. 

Are there multiple children discounts?

ABSOLUTELY! We offer up to %50 discounts on several of our products.

I want to donate or sponsor. What do I need to do?

Contact we have several sponsorship levels. Include your donation amount range and we will respond with appropriate information.

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