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Club Team Tryouts/Evaluations Begin April 10th.

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We practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. As long as you can make it to at least TWO practices on MOST weeks you will be eligible to play on a club level team. If not, we have teams we put in to recreational teams you will still be eligible for.

What’s Happening in 2019?

Skills Groups: Jan – March in Arcadia

Sundays: 2nd grade –  HS 

Wednesdays: 3rd grade – 8th Grade

Thursdays: 5th grade – HS 

Expert Trainers

Coach Elijah is a highly skilled, dedicated basketball professional with experience coaching. He trains players who range in ability from absolute basketball beginners to college and NBA level players.

Other Coaches Offering Private Training:

Blake – Great For Beginners to Middle Aged Players

Kealey – Great for those who need to get stronger or better cardio

Kevin – Great For Beginners to HS Level players

To register for private or group training send your request to info@athleticsaz.com. We will connect you with the appropriate coach for your child’s training needs.


Simply put. EVERYWHERE. We have many partnerships in the Valley. With LA Fitness, The Village Health Clubs, and many others. Contact us and we can let you know a great spot based on your travel needs.

Yes, our lead skills coach Elijah Knox runs our private training sessions. Contact us and we will connect you with him!

Yes. Beginners are welcome. We have a staff that is very patient and knowledge. We will get the beginners caught up and they will start having fun from day 1.

We know there are not a shortage of teams you can have your child play for. As a program we differentiate ourselves by having expert coaches who CARE for the children. The kids know we care about them so all criticism is received positively. The players then want to not only get better for themselves, but for their coaches, parents, and teammates.

Reach out to info@AthleticsAZ.com and express what your interests are. We respond within 3 hours of your email.

ABSOLUTELY! We offer up to %50 discounts on several packages.

Contact info@athletics.com we have several sponsorship levels. Include your donation amount range and we will respond with appropriate information.

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