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Signed my son up with Arizona Athletics and I’m so happy I did. My son didn’t have much skill level he is only 7 but WOW just in a few short months he is doing awesome. The coach is seriously so encouraging and he actually takes the time to talk to you without you feeling rushed or like your annoying him. I I feel like that speaks highly of his character and definitely shows in the way he coaches my son and the other young kids. One last thing This is not your typical YMCA kind of program he teaches real skills and puts a lot of effort into your child.
– Molly Walters

I signed up my son Cayden in August with Arizona Athletics and he is doing extremely well! Coach Elijah has been a tremendous inspiration for my son. He has so much patience and understands how to deal with all the emotions that his team might encounter. He handles every individual with respect and does phenomenal as a coach. I am exceptionally satisfied and happy with his coaching. He also is very friendly and outgoing and has awesome people skills. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!!! THANK YOU COACH FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE AND CONTINUE DOING WITH CAYDEN. We truly appreciate you
– Sonia Toro

Elijah is a phenomenal coach/teacher of both the skills and game of basketball. He understands how to help his players transfer their knowledge of the skills into the game. His passion for the sport is contagious and his desire to help players of all levels is inspiring! I’m thrilled that my boys have Elijah in their lives! He truly cares about their growth as players and being a mentor in their lives. Thanks Coach E!
– Alice Mercer

PHENOMENAL basketball trainer and coach!! Age, skill, gender, size…all INVISIBLE to Coach Knox!
All he sees is HUSTLE AND HEART!
His passion and talent are second-to-none!
Working out, working with, and working for Coach Knox has been a true, extremely beneficial, pleasure!
– Aaron Braude (Pinnacle High School)

His positive attitude and passion for the game are just two of the reasons he’s one of the best skills coaches we’ve met over the years. He teaches skills, technique and strategy while providing positive feedback to raise the effort level the ENTIRE session, and he brings it EVERY SINGLE DAY. One of the best young men I’ve had the pleasure to meet.
– Jana Reiker 

My 14 year-old daughter has been training with Elijah for almost a year. Her growth and improvement has been incredible! She loves training with Elijah and looks forward to their time together. The drills he runs her through are challenging most times. However, he sticks with her through them until she is confident and proficient in the skill. I would highly recommend Elijah Knox as a trainer for anyone seeking to improve their game. His knowledge as a trainer, patience with the kiddos, and professionalism set him apart from the rest!!!
– Michelle Moodie 

The knowledge, the heart & passion that E.Knox has for basketball & the people he trains is unmatched!!! This guy does a phenomenal job of training athletes for the next level with conviction & pure SKILL!! I highly recommend his business, try it for yourself!!!
– Cassandra 

For anyone looking to push themselves to be the best basketball player this is the program for you. Coach Knox is a great coach that combines personal experience with researched techniques to help improve every aspect of development from ball handling to footwork. Coach Knox will be an elite coach in due time, if you want to get him while he’s affordable please do it now!
– Marcus Barnett

Awesome coaches, they show they care about their clients growth. They actually get the job done!
– Barry Warnell 

I’ve never met someone more passionate about what they do! His demeanor, knowledge base, and dedication are unmatched! If you are trying to get to the next level with your game and you aren’t training with DJ Handles, you are doing yourself a disservice!
– Samantha Gieger (Depaul University)

DJ Handles (Coach E. Knox) is a TRUE basketball technician. His commitment, knowledge and passion for the game of basketball is second to none. Players that are fortunate enough to come into contact with DJ Handles, walk away better players…PERIOD!
– Charles Zanders (High state championship coach)

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